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Thursday 4th April 2019
At this point my client list is such that I've no availability for new clients. I'm very grateful that I'm able to do a job I love and provide support and help to those in need - so putting a hold on taking on new clients while I work with my current client list doesn't feel altogether comfortable.
If you're struggling please do contact the main Reverse Therapy site to find another therapist to work with Reverse Therapy Practitioners I will update my website when I have availability again. All the best, Kathleen x

Saturday 29th December 2018
In preparation for my first Open University module that starts in February, I’ve just completed a 12 hour course to get me up to speed with studying by distance learning. Hopefully now I know how to navigate my way around the O.U website I’ll be able to get my teeth into the course material without dithering around too much!

Diary. emandmeheadshot

Wednesday 21st November 2018

Tomorrow one of my daughters is coming home for a long weekend - her bed's made up, I'm stocking up on her favourite food and snacks and I'm more than a bit excited about getting to hang out with her for a few days.
I'm always so grateful that I managed to have children when I know the sadness felt by so many who haven't be as fortunate.
My kids don't live near me - the nearest is 470 miles away...the furthest is 3000 miles away so getting together is always something to look forward to!

I hope you're getting to see one (or more) of your loved ones soon too!

With love,
Kathleen x

Diary. riverinspate

Monday 29th October 2018

This weekend I spend two days at the Birnam Institute on a course using writing for personal development. The Stories We Tell is run by husband and wife team Jamie and Sarah Jauncey.

It was very insightful!

There were 12 participants, from a range of backgrounds - the majority were therapists.

Over the weekend I learnt there are new and healthier ways for me to view "the stories" that I've told and held about myself over the years; a work in progress of course, but one I'm glad I've started!

With love,
Kathleen x

“To transform our lives, we need to change our stories.” ― Carl Greer

Diary. sittingonpier

19th October 2018

I'm just back from another trip to Islay. Oh my..I'm so lucky to be able to split my time between the north east of Scotland and the west coast Hebridean island that I love so much.
It never ceases to amaze me that technology allows me to offer therapy to my clients no matter where I am. I know this makes me sound like a dinosaur - but long gone are the days when folk, got up, ate their breakfast, commuted to work, came home, ate, slept and repeated the pattern 5 days (or more) a week.
Whether it's clients calling for their sessions on my landline phone, Facetime or Skype isn't it wonderful that no matter where in the world we are - help is accessible?
So grateful for the geniuses that made and continue to make the technological advances we have today; grateful too that we all have different skills... I still don't know how to work my iphone properly!

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur Ward

Diary. SparklersLogiebank

22nd August 2018

This summer I've been travelling around with Robyn Spice Media filming a documentary film called, '27 Houses'.

I'm making this film in the hope that it can help me work out why I can't seem to stay in one place for too long - and hopefully the film will also help others who feel the same way.

This photo was taken in house number 14 & 20 out of 27 houses (yes, I lived their twice!) this was in about 1997/8.

To follow the films production check out Latest News for the social media links.

I hope you're all having a lovely August!

With love,
Kathleen x

Diary. tree horizon

26th June 2018

We've had the longest day - and it feels weird to think we're about half way through the year - it doesn't seem that long ago since I took down the Christmas decorations.
Oh dear, I'm starting to sound old...,
"Where has the time gone?!" "Enjoy yourself when you're young, it passes so quickly!" Those old folk (said the 50 year old) do know their stuff!
On the longest day, last Thursday 21st June I drove my son to Edinburgh airport..I ended up having to drive there again a few hours later when his flight was cancelled. I was grumpy about that as it's 77 miles away, so I clocked up 230 + miles...grrrrr!! About one mile from home, at 3.30am I saw this view on the horizon.
All my grumpiness lifted as I felt so grateful to have seen the sunrise and the beautiful silhouette of trees on the horizon.
If I'd been in my bed, this photo would never have happened - so thanks to Easyjet for giving me the opportunity to snap a lovely photo!

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.” ~ Hermann Hesse

Diary. 11miles

5th May 2018

The walk was completed on Sunday 29th April and thanks to the generosity of my sponsors I've smashed my target of £1600 and have raised a pre-gift aid total of £1830! Thank you all so much for your love and support throughout! It's appreciated! Love, Kathleen x

Three days into my walk, I reached mile 9 of my 11 mile daily distance and felt really unwell. I stopped, my pulse had shot up to 160 bpm..my resting pulse is around 63 bpm, when I exercise it can go up to 120 bpm, but this was really high for me. I felt like I might throw up, but I made myself eat a fruit and nut bar, drank some water and rested for a few minutes. My pulse quickly came back to around 90 bpm and I slowly made my way back home completing the final 2 miles for the day. My pulse stayed at 90 bpm for 9 hours after I'd finished my walk!
I have since had an ECG which the Dr described as, "reassuring". I've had bloods taken to check my thyroxine levels as I do have to take thyroxine tablets, and my levels might be a bit wonky - but the good news is I am allowed to carry on with the walk.
I'm not allowed to do 11 miles a day though, so I've just extended the end date of the challenge so that I can walk between 2-6 miles a day.
So as of today, the 160 mile challenge is now at 109 miles remaining...not bad! I'm looking forward to reaching the 79 mile walk when I'm just over half way! I'll keep you posted.

AND...there's still time to sponsor me! 160 miles donations page Thanks!

With love,
Kathleen x

Diary. springtreeandsky

15th May 2018

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I hope you're all enjoying this wonderful weather - it's just so lovely to hear the birds singing and watch the trees spring into life with their new green foliage. If you're in the southern hemisphere I hope autumn is being kind to you!

At this time of year particularly ( don't ask me why ) I seem to get lots of requests from new clients to get started with reverse therapy sessions. At the moment, my first available appointments for new clients will be on Monday 18th & Tuesday 18th June - a 5 week wait. If this seems too long, please click Reverse Therapy Practitioners where you can find the contact details for other RT practitioners who may be able to offer you an earlier appointment.

Diary. shelter3

Sunday 21st January 2018
Well this weekend I finalised my 2018 fundraising plan for SHELTER . In March (from 11th - 25th to be precise!! ) I'll be getting up nice and early and heading out for a walk, doing a variety of circular routes averaging about 11 miles a day to cover a total distance of 160 miles / 257 km . The reason I'm using that figure is because I discovered (from statistics that were published on 31st March 2017), that the number of children living in temporary accommodation in my local city of Dundee was 160! I was quite surprised it was as high as that. So I'm hoping to raise £1600 - representing £10 for every child living without a permanent home in Dundee. The stats for other UK towns and cities does not make for good reading - I'm committed to do all that I can to raise awareness and funds for SHELTER. There are over 128,000 homeless children living in Britain today. If you'd like to donate, please click this link 160 miles donations page All donations are gratefully received. With love, Kathleen x

Diary. pcsunrise

Sunday 7th January 2018
It's the start of another New Year! Don't stress yourself out with the old, "New Year - new me" thing...as you can see from the photo, the sun will still rise and set again no matter what human kind are striving to do.
I watched the docu-film "Happy" today on Netflix, I'd highly recommend watching that as, "being happy" may not be about what you think.
Whatever plans you have for 2018, I do hope it brings health, peace, love, happiness and fulfilment to you and your loved ones.
With love,
Kathleen x
"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama

Diary. christmashead

Sunday 24th December 2017
It's that time of year again...so may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy festive season, and all the very best for a peaceful, healthy and happy 2018! With love, Kathleen x

Diary. vlogpic

Tuesday 12th December 2017
On Friday 8th my vlog, Just Ask Kathleen went live!
It's the first in what will be a weekly programme running from Friday 22nd December where folk can write in for support and guidance for every day problems.
I'm delighted with the response so far, and touched by the emails I'm receiving, thank you to everyone who has written to me.
If you'd like to drop me an email and have your questions answered please email [email protected]
In order to preserve your anonymity all names are changed. With love, Kathleen x

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan

Diary. ceramicssale

Saturday 25th November 2017
Last night was the last of my SHELTER fundraisers for 2017. I took a range of handmade ceramics and crafts to sell at a Christmas market in Auchenblae, Aberdeeshire. It was a busy night, with loads of people in the mood to buy for Christmas. A great night, that really got me into the Christmas spirit. The temperature has really dropped here in the last couple of days...when I say "really dropped" I'm talking -2 degrees celcius, which for some of you is nothing to be getting excited about! I know my son, Charlie who's in Canada for his 2nd hockey season told me it was -11 degrees celcius last week..and it can easily go to less than - 20 degrees celcius as the winter progresses...eeek!! I hope wherever you are you're cosy. With love, Kathleen x
"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home." - Edith Sitwell

Diary. flowersinvase

Wednesday 16th August 2017
I'm just back from another week on Islay - and though I have a lovely house and life on the mainland it's incredibly difficult to leave there, and each time I come away from Islay it gets a little bit harder. My garden there was bursting with colour and life and the photo is of the bouquet I put together before I'd even finished unloading the car! Sometimes nature nudges me harder and louder than the things my head tells me "should" take priority! Maybe we should all pay more attention to what we feel like doing instead of doing what we should do...of course some "shoulds" are unavoidable...but there must be a balance to be struck? Anyways, I hope you're all having a lovely summer (if you're in the northern hemisphere) and that those in the southern hemisphere haven't had too bad a winter! With love, Kathleen x
"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."- John Burroughs

Diary. Therealwalkthroughwater

Tuesday 11th July 2017
Last night with my wellie boots on, I went for a walk down to the beach with my son Charlie. It was a beautiful night for a wander, but we weren't alone..several thousand midgies (Google it if that word is alien to you!) accompanied us on our walk.
They don't actually bother me that much, but some friends aren't so lucky and really get eaten alive in midgie season.
This trip has been a bit of a mixed bag weather wise, and yet that never really matters. You can't live in Scotland and be worried about rain, wind and cold weather in the summer....it's all par for the course.
I laughed at a recent headline on the STV news claiming that, "Revellers at the festival enjoyed temperatures of 17 degrees celcius!" Wow..in the middle of July!!! Adding 10 degrees onto that would've made it more summer like, but hey how..we do like to see the upside!
I hope your summer is going well and that you're making time to get outside and enjoy the world around you. With love, Kathleen x

Diary. wetday

Tuesday 27th June 2017
It's mid summer, and the rain won't stop! I guess that's what makes Scotland so green..but seriously come on now, we all need some heat on our bones! I guess the up side to a rainy day..or rainy days is that I finally get those "jobs" done in the house I've been putting off. Today I've caught up on computery (real word) things that needed doing. I'm also going to go into my bedroom and tidy away some clothes which have found themselves piled on a ridiculously high heap on what I believe is a chair, I'm not completely sure - as a chair has not actually been seen in my bedroom for several weeks! And as I sign off from this diary installment I can reassure you all that yes, it is still raining..the photo out my office window doesn't really do the torrents justice. Happy Tuesday everyone! Love, Kathleen x
"Without rain, there is no life," - Jerry Yang

Diary. Fields

Wednesday 21st June 2017
Last night a friend and I went for a long walk up towards an old hill fort near where I live. For those of you who know me you'll know that I love to walk. More recently however I've started running, but my body has started sending me little nudges letting me know it's not loving me running so much right now!
I've been doing Parkrun in Perth and recently I got under 30minutes which for me was really, really good! Annoyingly though my knees have started objecting...so for now I'll need to let them recover and stick to walking. I took this photo last night on the walk to the hill fort. Walking certainly gives me more time to take in all the beauty that surrounds me, so maybe slowing down for a wee while isn't such a bad thing! I hope you're all managing to get outside and enjoy the world around you. With love, Kathleen x

Diary. Outside potter

Tuesday 13th June 2017
I have been quietly working away with on-going Reverse Therapy clients since January, but I had taken my website off-line to avoid getting new enquiries and to allow me to focus on making time to be more creative - and that's been great fun! I have sold some bits and pieces, and have a gallery in Ballater, Aberdeenshire stocking my "Tree Pots."
I will continue to play with clay and see where my creativity takes me and balance that with my work as a therapist. I am now open to receiving new client enquiries and I look forward to hearing from you!
With love, Kathleen x

Diary. newyearfireworks

Friday 6th January 2017
I came over to Islay to bring in the New Year with my husband Andrew. It's been a different Hogmany this year, with one of my children working some of the festive season in the south west of England, my eldest away with her husband bringing in New Year in south west India, and my son in Canada. What a geographical spread of kids!!
I remember (uh oh...I'm sounding ancient) when going to Edinburgh from where we lived in Angus (75miles) was seen as adventurous.
Well, I hope that 2017 brings you and yours interesting travels, health, peace and happiness!
Love, Kathleen x

Diary. artsupplies

Wednesday 23rd November 2016
As I'm working on building my new website it dawns on me how much there is to do! I'm practising what I preach in creating as much balance as I can. Yesterday I spent the whole day working with my clay, and designing new pieces, but I also knew I needed to get on with my on-line sports psychology course. So today, I started on the first module and now I'm going to get my hair cut..and with this hair that's no quick thing! On that note, I'd better go and get to my appointment! Watch this space for more updates and news!

Diary. Lochnesstree

Saturday 17th September 2016
A week ago today I completed The Great Glen Way for SHELTER. It was tougher in places than I'd imagined, but with my friend Tina accompanying me, we did it in 6 days.
From 12th September 2016 to 12th September 2017 I'm giving my sponsors a break by putting a pound in the pot for SHELTER for every mile I walk in a day. Now, this is not just keeping my Fitbit on and counting up my wanderings around the house, but actually going out and walking! On days when I'm busy, I'll maybe only walk a mile - but I will do my best to do a couple of miles or more a day when time allows.
So, to all my regular supporters for my fundraising for SHELTER, you may relax....but only for 12 months, because you know I will be back in touch with a plan for next year to raise awareness and raise funds for a charity I feel passionately about supporting.
In other news, the photo shows Loch Ness on our second last day of walking - the scenery was breathtaking and the weather was mostly kind which helped.
The Shetland clinic in November is nearly fully booked, with only 2 slots remaining, so if you do want to see me please do drop me an email.
However, I am not taking on any NEW phone clients. I would encourage any one wanting to start Reverse Therapy to visit the main RT Website and get started with an available therapist as soon as they can! Many thanks, Kathleen.
"Adopt the pace of nature - her secret is patience," - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Diary. charlielynx

Sunday 17th July 2016
In six days I head off to Canada with my son, Charlie. We go over on a fairly regular basis (every year or two) and love catching up with family and friends. This year it's going to feel a bit different. After two weeks I'll be flying home alone as Charlie has been given the opportunity to develop his hockey skills and play a season with a junior league team called, Burk's Falls Bruins. Burk's Falls being 165miles north of Toronto, and 56 miles south of North Bay, Ontario. What an amazing opportunity and what an adventure!
And..after 28 years of having between 1 and 3 children at home I'm going to have an empty nest! Yikes!
So, a new chapter in Charlie's and my life begins...who knows what will unfold over the next few weeks and months? But rather than bemoaning the fact that my house is too quiet I'll be eagerly awaiting his updates and making my own plans to take this opportunity to introduce some new adventures into my life too.
And for Charlie, here's a quote that says exactly what I wish for you. With lots of love, Mum xxxxx

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