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What I'm doing now...


I am currently about three-quarters of the way through my non-fiction book. I'm thoroughly enjoying the writing process - here's a little nugget of information to whet your appetite, the working title of my book is,

'How to be a pig: a memoir.'

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What I'm doing now.... hookingyellowtop

Rug hooking

I am currently creating a collection of pieces based around my Shetland ancestry. My paternal great grandparents were from the island of Foula, and some of the wool I'm using is from native Foula sheep from Hamnabeck, the crofting home of my Foula forefathers.
I'm also using wool hand spun and dyed by an incredible textile designer, Niela Kalra on the mainland of Shetland. I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to make art with quality products that make the whole process even more enjoyable.

I'm nine months into a twelve-month design course with Deanne Fitzpatrick and I'm loving it! I was fortunate enough to be chosen to have a video call coaching session with Deanne which was recorded and sent out to the design course participants. There's a Facebook page for Deanne's design course members and a few days after my interview went out, one participant wrote what might be the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me,

'Kathleen is very much like I imagined her from her posts here, kinda like if sunshine had a personality.' Colette Clark, Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 2020.

I keep reminding my husband of this quote..I reckon I'll be dining out on this for some time to come - thanks Colette for letting me share it on here too. Form an orderly queue if you'd like to meet me, autographs available on request. I'm kidding. I'm trying to avoid getting RSI from hooking, so I'm afraid your requests for an autograph will have to be declined.

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